General Information

Current job opportunities with the Pensacola Police Department can be viewed on the City of Pensacola’s website by clicking this link.

Below is information about the beginning salaries for certain Pensacola Police employees and employee benefits.


Beginning Salaries

Job Title Annual
$32,968 $1,268 $15.85
$20,758.40 $748.40 $9.98
Public Safety
Telecommunicator I
$24,585.60 $945.60 $11.82
Public Safety
Telecommunicator II
$27,040 $1,040 $13
Crime Scene
Analyst I
$27,040 $1,040 $13
Crime Scene
Analyst II
$28,537.60 $1,097.60 $13.72


General Information About
Police Officer & Police Cadet Positions


Pensacola Police Pay Scale
Annual Salary
Job Title Minimum
Annual Salary
Annual Salary
Police Officer $32,968.00 $61,859.20
Police Cadet $20,758.40 $33,196.80


          PAID TIME OFF

            20 hours per month for police officers and 16 hours per month for non-sworn employees. This time can be used for either sick leave or paid time off.


 New Year’s Day

 Martin Luther King’s Birthday

 Memorial Day

 Independence Day

 Labor Day

 Veterans Day

 Thanksgiving Day and day after

 Christmas Day

Employees also receive one to two personal holidays annually depending upon their hire date. 

SENIOR OFFICER PREMIUM PAY is 5 percent of base salary. To be entitled to this premium pay, police officers must have reached each of the following employment milestones of continuous service as a police officer with the City of Pensacola and completed the following educational requirements:

– Ten years of service and 200 hours of additional law enforcement related continuing education courses.

– 15 years of service and 120 hours of additional law enforcement related continuing education courses.

– 20 years of service and 120 hours of additional law enforcement related continuing education courses.


3% per year of service
(The standard retirement for vested special risk class members – i.e., sworn personnel – is the Florida Retirement System. Retirement eligibility is age 60 or completion of 30 years of service. Non-sworn positions are paid the same but are not considered special risk class.)


  • Assigned take-home car plan

  • In-car computer systems

  • All equipment and uniforms furnished by the department


  • Uniform Patrol

  • Traffic/Motorcycle Unit/Pensacola International Airport Officer/Cordova Mall officer

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Vice & Narcotics

  • Neighborhood Services

  • K-9

  • Crime Scene and latent print analyst
  • Public Safety Telecommunicator (dispatcher) or 911 calltaker

Among additional possible assignments are SWAT, bicycle unit, Honor Guard, firearms instructor, defensive tactics instructor, polygraph examiner, and Special Projects.

For more information, please contact Officer Lonnie Isom at (850) 435-1912 or Officer Heather Mallett at (850) 436 – 5429 or by clicking on their name for email.